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This was actually translated a long time ago, in the Yoroshiku I era. During the brief life of Yoroshiku II, Fearless Leader captured TV Asahi’s rebroadcast of the Oishinbo movies, before he departed for places or spaces unknown. So,  Yoroshiku Left Behind was able to finish the script and encode the transport stream, resulting in Oishinbo: Ultimate vs Supreme.

Download: Oishinbo: Ultimate vs Supreme


This is a plea to all cappers in Japan – Please cap the Oishinbo movies when they re-air!

They are scheduled to air on TV Asahi as follows:

美味しんぼ 特別編「究極対至高 長寿料理対決」 01/29(土) よる09:45-よる11:20
美味しんぼ 特別編「日米コメ戦争」 01/30(日) よる10:00-よる11:30

We are looking for anyone with access to TV Asahi to provide us with a cap of these 2 movies (.ts ideally but anything is better than what we have at the moment).

Spread the word as we really want to release these 2 movies!

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