Yoroshiku Fansubs


We want to build Yoroshiku Fansubs up once again so that we can devote more resource to a number of series both present and past. Our current vacancies are listed below.

Ordinarily we would look to administer a test prior to joining for all roles.

Greyed out roles are not currently being recruited. At present we are only looking to recruit translators.


  • Japanese -> English only
  • You have final say on choice of show (however I would like staff to work  on mecha/sports/seinen)
  • You must be competent to fluent in both Japanese and English. (i.e. non-native Japanese speakers JLPT2 or equivalent and above)


  • You will be available to time soon after the translator is done
  • You need experience as a timer for this role
  • be confident with lead in/out
  • have a consistent style
  • must be familiar with scene timing


  • Native English speaker
  • Appreciation for nuance within translation and interpretation
  • An interest in or willingness to work on mecha/sports/seinen anime could be advantageous

Advanced Typesetters

  • You will require previous demonstrable fansubbing experience for this role
  • ASS/SSA or AFX

Raw providers

  • You must have a good upload/download speed
  • Experienced with major Japanese P2P networks (WinNY, Share, Perfect Dark)
  • Raw cappers also sought for new series

Quality Controllers

  • You will need previous fansubbing experience for this role
  • You must have a keen eye for detail
  • You must be fluent in English (does not need to be native speaker)
  • You will have a working conceptual knowledge of the Japanese language (structure including particles and verb conjugation)

1 Response to "Recruitment"

Please email me if you are still looking for Japanese to English Translators as I’d like to apply. I do not however have much if any experience Fansubbing but I’d still like to try if you’ll have me 😀

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