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A long time ago, in an incarnation of Yoroshiku now far, far away, the team decided to finish the 2006 comedy series Love GetCHU. C1 Anime gave its blessing (and its raws and old scripts), and our faithful translator, laalg, turned out a couple of new scripts. But then real life forced laalg to retire, the group disbanded again, and the whole idea languished.

Last year, Oyatsu began releasing, starting with episode 16. They got all the way through episode 24, and then their translator disappeared. This left the project literally in pieces: episodes 1-13 from C1, and 16-24 from Oyatsu. So earlier this year, I decided to revive the project and finish Love GetCHU. I whined and pleaded with various colleagues for help; in particular, kokujin-kun (of Doutei) graciously translated the last episode. So after a long hiatus, Yoroshiku Fansubs is proud to present the remaining episodes of Love GetCHU.

Downloads: Stupid WordPress won’t allow our links to display, so get the episodes from the bot in #yoroshiku@irc.rizon.net, or look for them on TokyoTosho! Baka!

Staff credits:

  • Translation: laalg (14, 15); kokujin-kun (25)
  • Timing: le (14, 15, karas); Juggen (25)
  • Editing and typesetting: Collectr
  • QC: Saji, snip

I don’t think this is necessarily the last word on Love GetCHU. The ED kara is from C1 and doesn’t reflect official lyrics; the OP is a bit suspect, too. Oyatsu would like to rework 13-25 into a stylistically coherent whole (a good idea). However, that will take a while, and in the meantime, long-suffering fans can finally watch the series from start to finish.


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