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We are looking to recruit an experienced QC with a working knowledge of the Japanese language. By this we mean somebody who may have done some self-study and understands the make up of sentences and can pick out when something doesn’t seem quite right in a script.

If you fit the bill and are interested, please do drop us a line. Email [yoroshikufansubs (at) yahoo (dot) com] is by far the best method at the moment (this role is to replace me on Happy Happy Clover, Love Get Chu and Oishinbo movies as my time commitments elsewhere have increased massively). The person specification for this role is detailed below.

Quality Controllers

  • You will need previous fansubbing experience for this role
  • You must have a keen eye for detail
  • You must be fluent in English (does not need to be native speaker)
  • You will have a working conceptual knowledge of the Japanese language (structure including particles and verb conjugation)


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