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Happy Happy Clover 04

Posted on: December 20, 2010

Happy Happy Clover 04

A short delay getting this episode out as I was otherwise engaged preparing for job interviews! This episode we get to know Meru a little better and the gang battle against a very “different” type of adversary!

Episode Credits

Translation: izam
Translation Consultancy: laalg
Timing: for_a_memory
Typesetting: Collectr
Editing: Collectr
QC: Oracle, Saji, Grv
Encoding: Daemon404




3 Responses to "Happy Happy Clover 04"


This episode was AWESOME! Hirari is so cute!

I have a question though. Is the occasional pixelation/glitchiness a problem with the video or am I using the wrong player (I am using VideoLAN VLC.)?

It’s something I’ve seen myself on occasion. Our stock recommendation is to use the Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP) if you are having problems. Does seem that sometimes when searching through h.264 content there can be pixelation and what I call “green blobs”. Usually doing a search through the video and going back sorts this though, just seems to be some funkiness with the decoding.
I’ll feedback to the encoder as he might be getting experimental!

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