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Happy Happy Clover 01

The wait is over! Finally we can introduce you all to the wonderful world of Happy Happy Clover. What better way to wish our American fans a Happy Thanksgiving than this little gem?

This has been a pet project of mine since back in 2007 when the series originally aired, and it’s mixture of adorable characters and innocent storylines is truly a joy to work on.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been working on getting this together.

Episode Credits

Translation: Grv, izam
Translation Consultancy: Hajime, blakbunnie27
Timing: Grv
Typesetting: Grv, D4RK-PH0ENiX
Editing: Collectr
QC: Oracle, Grv
Encoding: Daemon404




Hello everyone! It’s been a long time but we are now back and looking to get back out there.

Our first step on the journey to recovery is Agriculture Girls!

I’ll be editing this post to make it slightly more informative but for now, come join us on IRC.



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